Top Grain leather: it is the top layer coming from animal hides. Its thickness and softness are showing the quality and treatment that are receiving in the tannery.

It has a thicker surface coating.
Aniline leather (not pigmented leather and visible natural flaws) and Semi-aniline leather are types of full grain leather.

Split leather: it is the lower layer of the animal hides. It is less softer and sometimes it is used for the backing of a sofa or lounge chair.

Leathers are easy to maintain, although it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on them to avoid bleaching.
Eco leather: we call Eco leather to a durable leather look material that offers durability and flexibility. It is also known as faux leather. It is a material that is easy to maintain. Sunlight and extreme hot might damage the product.

Regenerated leather: this material is used for dining chairs, nightstands and desks. It is hard wearing and strong. The regenerated leather is obtained through the process of triturating and subsequent reassembling of 80% of wastes of leather, with the addition of latex, synthetic compounds or natural gums. It is recommended to be cleaned with a damp sponge with a light hand. Avoid detergents and solvents that has chemicals. Avoid direct sunlight that can dry the material.

Microfiber leather: it is the highest grade synthetic leather, a high-tech simulation of high-end leather products. It is more resistant and it does not fade. Light weight, no odor, softness and good breathability are other characteristics of it. It is used in dining chairs, lounge chairs and sofas.